Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 days off is too much i thinks

I had yesterday off and now i have today off. I officially think i like the broken up schedule of days off more. I have definitely gotten more sleep but.... What exactly do you do with TWO days off?...

Sunday was Food Not Waste's fundraiser dinner.... which was awesome. Bunch of people showed up, had a great time, hung out... good times. The garden looks amazing (ITS HUGE) and its will be beautiful when food is being harvested.

I planted some basil, spinach, and lettuce yesterday in planter boxes for the apartment. Im excited about that.

Im not sure what more I can say...
heres a work story. (this story has lots of foul language)

James was my favorite person to work with at Mcdonalds. He was a young black guy who really enjoyed hip hop. And he would sing a bunch through his shift. He really liked to sing Tupac. It got him through the crap work of frying burgers.
He really enjoyed cussing out people (especially managers). The customers couldn't hear because we were in the back. But he would be told to do things by a manager and his reply would be something like, "Fuck that mother fuckin' shit. I can do whatever I fuckin' want whenever I want to. Ya'll are fucked up." Then he would do whataver he was told to do. He also loved to talk about how nasty the food is (which it is). "Who the fuck eats this shit. Its all greasy and nasty and fucked up." And he would do and say much more. The managers just knew he liked to complain about everything.
The reason he got away with saying what he did was that he was a great worker. He helped other people out and did a great job. He helped train me bit and after everything he showed me he would say "easy as pie man, easy as pie." I have come to love that saying now... easy as pie... ikt always makes me smile.
Mcdonalds loved to find ways to screw you over with their shifts; for example, give you your two breaks and your half within the first two hours of work because its a "slow time." They suck and should burn in hell. seriously.
James wore his black Air Jordan shoes to work everyday. They looked uniform enough, but the managers finally ordered him a Shoes for Crews pair of shoes. When they arrived James was working assembling hamburgers during a "fast time" (lots of customers). The managers ordered him to change his shoes immediately. James replied, "Naw its too busy right now all these mothafuckas are gonna get behind and im gonna come back all behind and shit." The managers did not like that answer they fouught back and fourth. He really didnt want the crew to fall behind. It would mess everything up and make him come back and have to catch up. Another reason he didnt want to change his shoes was that they were going to make him take his break to do it. He was there for a little over half an hour and tried to explain to them that it was unfair. After fighting for a while (and working at the same pace), he stopped, said "Fuck this shit I'll fuckin quit right now." went over to the manager office signed a paper saying that he quit and he left.
I have never seen James again, but if I do I just want to tell him thank you for making hell a little easier to handle.... He was fun to work with and in his own way he made people happy throug his joking around and constant smile...


sorry about the nudity

bye bye

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