Friday, April 17, 2009

Vacation for boss lady

I saw my schedule for work next week which says that im working 48 hours. That means I only get one day off. The bakery manager is taking a vacation and I have to work extra hours because of it.. yay!!!

Chelsea just got hired to be a caregiver. Two 24 hour shifts a week and she will be making as much as I do.... Im jealous... Im really happy for her. I think it will be a great fit.

so i think with every blog I should write stories of past work experiences. I have some.... um... interesting people I have worked with in my time up here.

Heres a recent story;

One of the ladies I work with in the bakery reminds me of bobcat goldthwait. She is just really goofy and she has these crazy eyes thing she does. She is one of the people I actually enjoy working with. I smile at her she smiles at me. If I dont joke around with her, she just complains about work. (about half of the people in the bakery have requested transfers for the past couple of years and nobody has gotten one). One day I saw her running through the kitchen yelling at whoever would listen tto take care of the customer at the front desk. She ran through holding her butt akwardly and announced: "I cant hold it anymore!!!"...
good times

bobcat goldthwait:

you should be listening to:
Max Richter- The blue Notebooks
Primus- Frizzle Fry

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