Friday, April 10, 2009

sleepin in

I slept for 12 hours and I feel rested. I know this weekend will be stressful with Easter being on sunday (yes, I have to work Easter).

Weather has changed. Its really nice in some ways. Its beautiful to see everything coming back to life. On my drive home from work I drive down this street with really pretty trees with pink flowers all over them. And everyday it gets prettier. We have had some days where it has been too hot, though. There were two days where it got into the 70s.

I visited nick and kevin yesterday. For those of you who dont know, I used to live with nick and kevin is a friend I met through him who happens to live next door.
The garden thats being worked on is awesome. I was blown away.

Yesterday Chelsea and I had this discussion on existence and reality that was twisting my melon. Im pretty much convinced that everyone and everything is a figment of my imagination and im just dreaming. But thats ok, I still love all of you (even if you are just electrical pulses in my brain). Im going to rent the Truman Show.

Its good friday, that means I have to watch Jesus Christ Superstar (thanks padre for sending that).

Songs you should be listeing to:

Atmosphere: Always coming back home to you

thats it for now


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  1. So you are the Christ,
    the great Jesus Christ...
    come on you king of the Jews.