Saturday, April 25, 2009

bad day

work sucks


I dropped an entire rack of donuts today.... I pushed the donut cart wrong and all of the pans, some raw and some cooked, slid onto the floor. They all had to be thrown out. That was 400 donuts. I felt like crap. today sucked.

Earlier this week i was told they are going to hire another donut fryer and they want me to start to do bagels and muffins. That means I will start at probably 4 or 5. Thats exciting. Maybe I will sleep more. If the new person works full time it means I will fry donuts for only 2 days a week.

Better news.... I got accepted to Evergreen (again). i was worried that I wasnt going to get accepted again, but I did.

Chelsea got the caregiver job (Yay!!!!) congrats to her. Actually I need to go pick her up now...
Internet world... i owe you a work story

music for your broken soul

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