Thursday, April 2, 2009

Im moving blogs

This is where my blog will be from now on. More people I know are using it and it will help me connect with them more.
Sorry its been so long since the last update. I really haven't had much happen. Then again alot has happened.

I just woke up from over 14 hours of sleep (you will understand why later)

lets see... I have moved...
Chelsea and I decided to move in together at the end of February. It has been great. I think our place is really sweet and I like the view from our porch alot.
I have been working at Safeway for about two and a half months now. I work in the bakery; my title is Baker II. Thats a cool title, but it really means that I fry donuts all morning. My shift starts at 2 AM and lasts until 10:30. It has been pretty crappy. I was really excited when I first started, but it has just progressively gotten worse. I was told they were going to teach me things and they started to, but a big sale for donuts started and doesnt end until next year. With this sale I am barely able to finish my days work with donuts and I have been working alot of overtime because its so much.
If it wasn't for Chelsea's constant encouragement and support I would have quit this job such a long time ago.

I applied for Evergreen (college) a couple of days ago... So Im waiting to hear from them... I dont have any idea how Im going to pay for school still, but it will probably require a loan or some good scholaarships. Im really excited to start school. Recently I have been having this idea of writing a book... possibly of the history of punk rock. Maybe write on alternative music in general. I dont really know yet.

Music I have been liking recently;innapropriate music may be included... so dont continue this if you get offended:

Mars Volta's "Amputechture" is an awesome albuym everyone should have a copy of.

Sorry I couldnt find a better version

Black Flag's "My War" is becomeing one of my favorite albums

there is alot more, but im going to go now.... leave me a message through email or something...
yes? please


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